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Important Information for Buyers 

What is a closing?  Closings are gatherings where buyers and often the realtor and loan officer, meet with their closing agent and sign all of the documents required to formally sell or purchase a home. Unless the buyer is paying cash for the property, the closing is also where the purchaser will sign documents finalizing the mortgage that they're taking out.

Your closing agent will run the proceedings and prepare all paperwork ahead of time. They will also contact you to schedule a firm date, time and location for your closing once all requirements have been satisfied.

Please allow approximately 1 hour for closing.  Keep this in mind, as well as the time of your final walkthrough, when scheduling your closing with us.

All buyers whose names will appear on the property's title and/or mortgage documents should attend closing and bring government-issued photo identification with them.

If you are obtaining a mortgage, the most cumbersome document you will have to sign at closing is your Deed of Trust.  We encourage you to review this document prior to closing to help you prepare.

Your funds for closing will need to be either a wire transfer or a cashier's check made payable to Consumer First Title & Escrow.  Email us at to request wiring instructions.

Your lender should be able to give you an exact dollar amount for your cashier's check at least one day prior to the closing. Once your lender has finalized your closing disclosure with us, we will confirm the amount you need for closing with you as well.  Our ability to provide you with the exact amount needed for closing is reliant upon your lender finalizing your closing disclosure with our office.